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Choosing the Best Cat Food

With so many brands of food available, choosing the best cat food is a rather difficult thing nowadays. Whiskas, Friskies, Purina and so many other famous names have invaded supermarkets and pet shops. However, choosing the best cat food is a tedious process which cannot be shortened in any way.

First of all, a cat owner should keep in mind the fact that a cat needs not only complex and nourishing food that contains a high percentage of proteins, vitamins and minerals but also the necessary amount of water to ensure proper hydration.

When choosing the best cat food for your little fluffy friend, you must put both wet and dry food on your shopping list. Dry food is ok, and most cats are quite happy to eat that exclusively because they are also in the habit of drinking water and milk, so the necessary quantity of liquid is ingested anyway. But how can one know how to choose the best cat food of all?

Reading the list of ingredients on the packet or can is not enough. People who have had cats for a long time and tested several kinds of food already could give you some tips on choosing the best cat food for your pet. You should read forums to see what others believe and check specialists' opinions on the matter. Cat and dog food is a very prosperous industry nowadays which means there are alternatives in choosing the best cat food.

Choosing the best cat food you can is almost a duty. Just 'chicken flavored' or 'tuna flavored' food will not help your cat grow strong and healthy. There are several such types of food which to some of you might look cheap and convenient. Unfortunately, some of these foods sometimes contain toxic ingredients for cats. Choosing the best cat food means getting the most natural and desirable combination for a cat, that can both nourish and keep your pet in good health condition.

The secret of choosing the best cat food lies in finding the type or types that do not contain wheat, corn, soy, yeast and glutens. These are elements that are not desirable for cats. The act of choosing the best cat food should start with the idea that cats need proteins which only meat can give them and good food must contain about 40% meat in both wet and dry form. Chicken, duck, salmon, beef, veal and even lamb are among the kinds of meat that a cat will love if they are in the right percentage. All the additional ingredients may be either inoffensive or harmful to your cat.

Before choosing the best cat food among the top types and brands we must make sure that the food contains no artificial preservatives and about 50% protein. If the protein level is lower, your cat will eat too much in order to get the necessary daily energy and digestion will be messed up. Choosing the best cat food is thus a delicate thing to do and it should be treated with enough attention.

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