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What does cheap cat food mean to you? Is it the kind of food that you don't pay much for? Or is it food that is less efficient in a cat's diet? Both answers may be correct though. Cheap cat food inflicts the idea that it is not worth buying, or at least not on a regular basis.

Pet food is not really expensive. Cat owners know that cats don't live for the mere purpose of eating. They like eating but they don't eat like horses; they are rather selective when it comes to food and would rather fast than have a bad dinner.

One can buy cheap cat food everywhere at the supermarket, pet shops and even gas stations. Get a large bag of cheap cat food and you can feed the whole neighborhood but your cat will not be happy to be given the same kind of food every day. Instead of going for a large sack of cheap cat food like that, you'd better put several kinds of food on your shopping list and bring variation to your cat's life.

When we say cheap cat food we usually think of dry food; it is far less expensive than cans of meat and gravy and whoever wants to economize will buy it in a flash. However, nutritionists advise that both wet and dry food be given to cats on a daily basis because proper hydration is one of the most important factors towards health and vigor.

Cheap food does not contain the percentage of proteins, vitamins and minerals that a cat needs every day. If you think that by acquiring cheap cat food you will save a couple of dollars, I'm afraid you are wrong. If food does not bring the nutrients that a cat needs, the cat will eat more so at the end of the month you will not only see that half of the cheap cat food sack is gone but also find a rather fat and less energetic pet in your home.

Cheap cat food is ok to buy if you have a big number of cats to look after but don't forget to balance their diet by adding good food to their daily meals. Cats need proteins which automatically brings the idea of meat-based food, canned or even home-cooked.

Cheap cat food like those multi-colored 'grains' that we like to give a cat as a snack between meals has some contribution to bringing up a cat. Dry food helps cleaning the cat's teeth while it is eating but why don't you choose an appropriate type of dry food as well? Cheap cat food contains less meat and consequently less protein which in time will sap the cat's health and make it less energetic, not to mention the several preservatives and colorants that are not indicated in a healthy diet.

A larger quantity of yeast, soy and glutens can be found in cheap cat food than in the more expensive types of food which is not exactly what a cat needs on a regular basis to grow harmoniously and strong. So, don't be 'cheap' when choosing your pet's food!

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