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Ever since ancient times, we have been cat lovers. Though cats used to eat whatever their masters did in the past, nowadays cat food has become more and more popular. Why do you think it has? It's because cat food is not only tasty but also highly nourishing for our furry little friends.

Let's take Europeans for example and I would bring the British into discussion here. They are among the top cat food buyers in Europe. Over 80% of the British own a cat and/or a dog which means that they regularly buy loads of cat food and dog food every year. I am sure their cats would love to taste a piece of juicy English steak from time to time but they still prefer cat food in all its variations.

Nutritionists have studied cats for a long time and they know exactly what cat food should contain in order to ensure a balanced diet for a cat and the harmonious growth of a cat's body. Have you ever compared a stray cat with the lucky one you keep at home? The difference is striking and cat food is most responsible for that.

Cat food contains all the necessary ingredients that a cat needs to be healthy. Different types of cat food assist our pets from birth to the late years of their life, gradually providing the minerals, vitamins and proteins they need.

I am sure there are thousands of happy cats living at farmhouses and still feeding on raw meat and milk, probably killing a mouse or two whenever the chance arises and occasionally munching what's left over from their master's meals but cat food prepared and packed for pets is what a cat really deserves. Dry cat food for instance not only constitutes a delicious snack between meals of meat and gravy but also helps cleaning the cat's teeth at the same time.

They say cats do not see the world in colors - true! However they have a special way of perceiving warm colors and distinguishing them from cold ones. You know how colorful dry cat food is made to look; those little pieces of different colors contain different ingredients necessary in a cat's daily meal. A cat usually eats everything in the bowl eventually but it has preferences too. Your cat will choose from the several brightly colored 'grains' on the plate and leave what's best for later. It does just like a child who saves the last piece of chocolate because he or she can't stand not having any more.

Many people say that pre-packed cat food saves a lot of trouble because we no longer have to think what to give a cat to eat. Partially true, I should say, because in spite of so many types of cat food available it is rather difficult to find many different combinations that a cat will gladly have. Cats are choosy; they would rather die than eat what they don't really like, so give your cat the best!

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