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Inexpensive Cat Food

You don't have to be rich to grow cats these days. There is a wide choice of so-called inexpensive cat food in all supermarkets as well as specialized stores. After all, everything that is bought in great amount turns to be cheaper than the same product packed by the ounce.

Dry food belongs to the category of inexpensive cat food because it is a lot more affordable than canned meat or whatever type of meat you can buy at the butcher's. Even within this food category, there are several kinds we can choose from. Chicken, fish, duck, veal, beef and lamb based, containing a certain amount of vegetable-based elements, dry food constitutes a very convenient type of food to give a cat. They love cracking those little pieces though they would never refuse a piece of juicy beef and gravy for a bowl of 'grains'.

Now, there are some important things to keep in mind when buying inexpensive cat food; there is a wide variety of choices and sometimes we don't take enough time to make the right choice. First of all, do not get overenthusiastic about the tempting price of inexpensive cat food. If it is too cheap, it may be very poor quality. Cat food should contain the proper percentage of protein; otherwise it is not nourishing enough. Cats need energy and this energy comes from meat. Inexpensive cat food may not always contain the basic elements that a cat needs daily: proteins, vitamins and minerals. Read carefully what exactly it was made of and make sure it provides the appropriate nutrients.

Another problem that we might encounter with inexpensive cat food is that of additives and colorants. While good and safe dry food is far from being attractive in its plain brown color, inexpensive cat food tends to look very tempting in a wide spectrum of red, green and yellow. If the color is too bright you can bet it is not natural. Some cats have no problem eating it but others may develop allergies and digestion problems because of those colorants. Be careful how much of this inexpensive cat food you give your pet at a time. Small quantities are more likely to ensure better digestion and allow the organism get used to the food and better tolerate it.

Buying inexpensive cat food is not a bad habit, especially when there are many cats in the house and food supplements are ensured by other more consistent types of food as well. However, there is a funny thing that can owners have noticed about inexpensive cat food: it disappears a lot more easily. Since it is less nutritious than the more expensive types, inexpensive cat food makes pets eat more and the sack of food empties in no time. The desperate cat asks for food more often and you give it without counting the meals. At the end of the month you just notice there is nothing to gain from buying this kind of inexpensive cat food and not another that costs more.

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